SAMENA Council's Covergence summit addresses requirements for digital transformation

Industry stakeholders brainstorm about the future of ICT policy making
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SAMENA Council recently held its Convergence to Kuwait summit with the patronage of CITRA (Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, Kuwait). 

Leading regional telecom stakeholders, including STC, VIVA Kuwait, Zain Group, Cisco, Huawei, TRA Bahrain and Etisalat attended the event, and discussed topics ranging from ICT policy-making in the future to creation of a digital society, and sustainability of the industry as a complex, evolving ecosystem. 

Dr. Khaled Biyari, STC Group CEO and chairman of SAMENA Council's board of directors emphasised on the need to develop a regulatory environment to cope with the revolution brought in by digitisation. 

Bocar BA, CEO of SAMENA Council said: "We as an industry need to approach our evolving future with fresh perspectives. We thank CITRA and its esteemed CEO and Chairman Eng. Salim Al Ozainah for the patronage provided to Convergence to Kuwait, which was part of SAMENA Council's ongoing endeavours to work closely with regional regulatory bodies, in order to conduct capacity-building as well as future regulation-supportive work in the region for the benefit of the industry and the regional digital economy.

"Holding Convergence to Kuwait was important to SAMENA Council's member operators, including VIVA and Zain, and was also pertinent to the ongoing efforts to better understanding regulatory transformation needs, data regulation and cyber-security imperatives, and to accelerate 5G developmental efforts, so we enter 2018 with a clearer mind to make progress in the required areas."

The summit was held under the theme of 'Creating new advantages for industry stakeholders', and discussed key topics that will be the industry's focus in 2018 and beyond, like the regulatory transformation for fulfilling the digital agenda, data regulation in view of cross-border technologies and pan-national communications, preparation for 5G era, and public policy considerations for OTTs. 



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