Nokia Data Refinery to enable SPs to run business in digital time

Latest software release adds support for automated deployment in the cloud
Only data-driven service providers can truly become customer-centric, Fredrikson says.
Only data-driven service providers can truly become customer-centric, Fredrikson says.


Nokia has added support for cloud-ready automated deployment to its Data Refinery data processing software. This brings with it the potential for service providers to deliver new digital services and operate with web-scale efficiency.

Nokia Data Refinery (formerly Comptel Data Refinery) provides intelligent fast data processing to power complex event processing, mediation convergence and consolidation solutions. The latest release adds support for automated deployment in the cloud, and provides elastic scalability.

Niilo Fredrikson, head of digital intelligence in Nokia's Applications & Analytics business group, said: "Efficient and scalable data processing should form the backbone of all service provider operations - it's what will allow them to run their business in 'digital time' to meet customers' changing needs. Data Refinery allows service providers to more efficiently capture and optimise their data to create new business value and provide a superior, personalised digital customer experience."

Nokia Data Refinery can be offered as an ETSI NFV Virtual Network Function (VNF) and deployed with Nokia CloudBand, giving flexible deployment options in the cloud or as an on-premise solution.The new software release is expected to be available by the end of this year. 

Justin Van Der Lande, principal analyst, Analysys Mason, said: "The new Data Refinery product provides the power, flexibility and speed to market to help CSPs better harness and optimise their data to support new digital services, and operate using the same technology as web-scale players like Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft."


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