Sudatel hosts the first US trade mission to Sudan since US Sanctions lifted

Lifting of sanctions opened a 40 million strong market to US businesses
Corporate Council on Africa led the mission and Sudatel was the principal sponsor.
Corporate Council on Africa led the mission and Sudatel was the principal sponsor.


Sudatel and the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) successfully organised a trade mission from the US who visited Sudan for the first time. This was held in December 2017.

The US delegation explored investment and trade opportunities in a wide variety of sectors including industry, agriculture and forestry, health, roads, transportation and bridges, mines, petroleum and gas, water resources, irrigation and electricity, ICT and telecoms. They received detailed briefings from officials from the World Bank, IMF and the African Development Bank.

In October 2017, the US Government announced that it had lifted the comprehensive economic, trade, and financial sanctions against Sudan which had been imposed in 1997, thus opening up a market of some 40 million people to US businesses.

Florizelle Liser, president and CEO of the Corporate Council on Africa, said:  "Sudan is a country of vast natural and human resources, and presents many opportunities for U.S. businesses.” She congratulated the Government of Sudan on steps taken that led to the lifting of U.S. sanctions. "Corporate Council on Africa is pleased to lead this historic trade mission to Sudan, and thank Sudatel - the principal sponsor of the mission.

Tarig Hamza Zain El Abdein, CEO of the Sudatel Telecom Group, said: “We are an ambitious company and our decision to sponsor this trade mission is part of our future plans to be present on an international level. We are so proud to be member of the CCA, which focused solely on promoting business and investment between the United States and nations of Africa. We know that a high quality telecom service is vital to uplifting people’s lives through our region’s economic development.”



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