Huawei launches Safe Campus solution

Safe Campus system intended to support surveillance and safety in variety of public settings
The Safe Campus system helps citzens and authorities to interact for improved safety, says Bazan.
The Safe Campus system helps citzens and authorities to interact for improved safety, says Bazan.


Huawei has launched its new Safe Campus suite of solutions at Intersec 2018 in Dubai.

The Safe Campus solution is an end-to-end ICT solution for deployment in urban environments and facilities such as offices, schools, hotels and more, which supports incident prevention, emergency response, and evidence collection. The solution includes video cloud and intelligent video surveillance technologies.

The company is demonstrating Safe Campus' applications for schools, hotels, airports and mosques during Intersec.

Hazem Bazan, vice president of channels and commercial sales for Huawei Enterprise, Middle East said: "Almost every day, we see new security threats emerging that affect the safety and security of citizens. As part of an effective eco-system that Huawei adopts, together with its strategic partnerships utilising new technology developments that can be leveraged to create converged, open, one-stop public safety models. Huawei believes the industry must work collaboratively to keep pace with social and technological developments and establish a public safety system that protects citizens through the seamless interaction between authorities and citizens."

Huawei Safe Campus is built on four key pillars: Artificial Intelligence-based Algorithms, Video Cloud, HD Camera Smart Acquisition, and tailored Safe Campus for Different Scenarios such as Safe School, Safe Hospitality, Safe Transportation and Safe Mosque.

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