Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (SUAD) breaks ground on new Artificial Intelligence facility

The University will deliver higher co-operation between Emirati and French companies
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (SUAD) breaks ground on new Artificial Intelligence facility.
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (SUAD) breaks ground on new Artificial Intelligence facility.


The president and vice chairman of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (SUAD) Professor Jean Chambaz announced the development of the Sorbonne Center for Artificial intelligence-Abu Dhabi, modelled after its counterpart in Paris-Sorbonne University.

“We are one of the most prominent universities in the world working on new programs in artificial intelligence and setting infrastructure for research here in SUAD. So, we decided to set up a mirror artificial intelligence center in SUAD, which will host research education chairs here in partnerships with French and Emirati companies. It surely is a big success for us and we are very happy to contribute to the development of SUAD,” Professor Chambaz said.

Professor Chambaz said that the initiation of the programme will be decided at the next meeting of the board of trustees that will be held on 26 January 2020.

He added that the establishment of Sorbonne Center for Artificial intelligence-Abu Dhabi at SUAD will boost cooperation between the university’s academic and research programmes and Emirati-French companies.

“Our aim is to partner with an array of prestigious institutions that include the AI Institute at Khalifa University to  advance research and literature in the field of artificial intelligence, whilst also contributing towards the sustainable development of the UAE,” said Professor Chambez.

Laurence Renault, acting executive director of Sorbonne University said the inauguration of the Sorbonne Center for Artificial intelligence-Abu Dhabi will position SUAD as a leading research centre on Artificial Intelligence and its applications, notably to climate, environment, exploration of the universe, health and medicine as well as the ethical and sociological issues at stake in this development.

“I am very proud to work for Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, a fast growing university that enables its youth to shape tomorrow’s world. With more than  900 students currently enrolled, out of which 53 per cent are Emirati nationals, SUAD has quickly taken roots in the UAE. The university addresses various 21st century challenges; gathering students from more than 65 different nationalities, it is a multicultural institution where the future leaders are instilled the values of tolerance. Additionally, with more than 70 per cent of its population being female, the university advances women empowerment in the region,” she concluded.

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