About us

CommsMEA is the leading telecoms publication for the Middle East and Africa. With a monthly magazine, a dedicated website, and active social media channels, CommsMEA constantly strives to provide extensive coverage with intensive analysis of all the developments in the ICT ecosystem. Being a market leader, the publication brings to you exclusive interviews with the industry leaders, comprehensive analysis of the market trends, along with all the happenings in the market as and when they happen. As convergence becomes a trend globally, CommsMEA is more than prepared to be at pace with the changing times, positioning itself as a unified platform for telecoms, satellites, media and information technology.

The necessity to differentiate is more crucial than ever before. CommsMEA keeps the industry informed and connected so that the various stakeholders thrive in an environment of healthy competition and fruitful collaboration. Transformation is no more just about deploying a certain technology or investing in a new skillset. It’s all-pervasive and requires an organisational shift. CommsMEA plays a significant role in this scenario as a rich, reliable and influential source of information, and the binding thread between the diverse stakeholders. Achieving success in an era dominated by digital exclusives can be a daunting task. Whether you need to build your brand, share your success, establish yourself as a thought leader or make meaningful connections, we help you align with the most powerful brands in the business. CommsMEA’s print, mobile, digital, social platforms and high-level events connect our engaged audience to marketers, providing the reach you need with the audience you want. The brand presents unparalleled advertising and sponsorship opportunities for companies determined to be second to none, through the right mix of targeted advertising and best-in-class content.

The monthly magazine and its digital edition, available on PC and on the Android and Apple mobile operating systems, has a loyal readership of more than 10,000 people per month. Meanwhile, the accompanying website, CommsMEA.com, draws up to 30,000 page views each month from an audience engaged with the content.