Now you can pay for an entire year of Virgin Mobile with just one payment

It'll save you 50 percent compared to monthly payments.
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Live fast.

Virgin Mobile has launched yearly plan options for customers in the United Arab Emirates - in what the company is claiming is a first for mobile plans in the nation.

The yearly plan options are designed to make customers' lives simpler by offering savings of up to 50 percent. The plans are available exclusively via the Virgin Mobile App.

With a one time payment, customers have the opportunity to cut their bill in half. For example, a plan at AED 299 per month inclusive of 10GB of data and 500 local minutes now only costs the equivalent of AED 149.50 per month with the limited-time offer of a one-off payment for the entire year (about AED 1,794 for 12 months).

The deal is just the latest of a mind-boggling 125+ different plan options available to Virgin customers.

Those who subscribe to the yearly payment plan will still be able to enjoy Virgin's much-touted service promise of delivering a SIM to homes or offices within an hour of purchase. In other words: handle all your phone needs in under an hour, and never think about it again for at least a year. If the shoe fits...

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