Saudi Arabia gets its first Apple Store

First Apple Store in the kingdom opens doors in Riyadh.
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The store is likely the first of many planned to open in the kingdom.

The first official Apple Store in Saudi Arabia has opened inside the new Terminal 5 of King Khalid International Airport in the kingdom’s capital and most populous city of Riyadh.

Opened in partnership with the next-door Virgin Megastore, the Apple Store may just by 75 square metres in size, but is packed with all the tech that Apple’s famous for.

The Apple Store opened to the public for the first time on July 25.

Naturally, King Khalid International Airport T5 deputy commercial director John Rogers is pretty excited. “We feel that such a world-renown brand offers an exceptional standard of product, which will generate excellent sales while also enhancing the overall passenger experience in terminal five.”

More Apple Stores in the kingdom are reportedly planned.

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