Etisalat Misr and Ericsson launch Egypt’s first VoLTE services

Means faster call connections and less background noise for customers.
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Etisalat Misr and Ericsson have united to launch Egypt’s first Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) services.

VoLTE calls, powered by Ericsson, connect in under two seconds, compared to 10 seconds for older technologies. But that’s not all: they also deliver a more “true-to-life” sound with reduced background noise.

With the launch of the service, subscribers will have the flexibility to make calls and use 4G mobile data services simultaneously without compromising 4G data connectivity speed.

Says Etisalat Mist chief technology officer Khalid Murshed: “Our strategic partnership with Ericsson has a significant and clear purpose. We want to make our customers satisfied through advanced cellular communication, innovation and efficient services. We are ushering in the future of mobile communications and users will immensely benefit from incorporating the best-in-class voice calling functionality.”

Explains Ericsson Middle East and Africa head Rafiah Ibrahim: “Our longstanding cooperation with Etisalat has generated extensive benefits for both parties and supported continued growth and development. Mobile users are actively seeking better ways to communicate that make an immediate, accurate, and lasting connection. This new launch is another step in our journey to support network operators to innovate on all fronts ensuring unparalleled communication to stay relevant to their customers.”

Etisalat Misr is the first telecommunications company in Egypt to launch VoLTE.

Globally, the number of VoLTE subscriptions is projected to reach 5.4 billion by the end of 2023, accounting for around 80% of combined LTE and 5G subscriptions, according to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report.

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