Netflix accounts for 15% of global downloads

Sandvine report shows video is now 58% of download traffic, with Netflix topping the charts.
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Netflix now accounts for 15% of all global downloads, according to a report from Sandvine.

The telco networks data analytics company said that video services are the predominant ‘downstream' user of bandwidth, making up 58% of all downstream traffic.

Netflix is the number one video service in the US, and number two in EMEA, where it is beaten to the top slot by YouTube, and number three in APAC.

For uploads, Bittorrent is the leading application, accounting for 22% of global upstream traffic.

The Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report is based on data taken from Sandvine's customer base of over 150 tier 1 and 2 fixed and mobile operators, although it does not include significant data from India or China.

In terms of downstream traffic, video is the number one use, followed by general web browsing not attributable to any one application (17%); gaming makes up 7.8% of downstream, followed by Social networks at 5% and marketplaces - such as iTunes, Google Play, and device updates accounting for 4.6%

Sandvine noted that some niche uses of upstream and downstream services were increasing. These included the NEST smart thermostat, which ranked as the 55th most popular application for ‘conversations' (two-way traffic). Voice assistants Alexa and Siri also ranked highly, at 97th and 102nd. Mobile advertising remains a common use of bandwidth, while crypto currency applications are starting to register, with Bitcoin upstream from mining ranking the application at 224th, and ethereum 277th.

Sandvine also pointed out 50% of all traffic is now encrypted. While this is a huge positive for security and privacy, it does make it more difficult for operators to understand the composition of the traffic on their networks, to provide intelligence on what capabilities those networks need to deliver.

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