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Deal with Olea Medical will provide medical consultations remotely.
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Among several announcements at GITEX 2018 was that du has signed a deal with Olea Medical to provide medical consultations remotely.

Providing healthcare to people in remote areas isn't the easiest thing, of course. But du is working to change that - and has recently signed a partnership with French healthcare company Olea Medical to provide medical consultations remotely.

The two brought to this year's edition of the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (better known as GITEX) the Consult Station by H4D (Health for Development), a medical connected booth that allows a patient to consult a physician remotely under the same conditions as a traditional face-to-face consultation.

Says H4D president and founder Franck Baudino: “We chose du because they have a vision. This is practical. It works. We need a strong partner.”

Olea founder Marc Choufani says the Consult Station only requires connectivity and power to work. The result of about 10 years of research development, he says du is the first Middle East partner for the Consult Station.

Adds Jihad Tayara, vice president for business development and partnerships – new business and innovation at du: “du recognises the importance of building an integrated healthcare system through facilitating the adoption of innovative technologies. As the population is increasingly becoming tech-savvy and the young demographic is taking ownership of their health, the government has implemented a more proactive approach towards the country’s well-being.”

The Consult Station has a variety diversity of measurement instruments on hand in the booth, such as a blood pressure meter, oximeter, stethoscope, thermometer and an otoscope amongst others. The dialogue taking place via video conference makes it possible for the physician to provide a reliable and risk-free diagnostic consultation remotely.

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