Nexign and Bubbletone team up for first blockchain-based business support system for telcos

Platform creates a global marketplace where operators can publish and share product information as well as buy and resell as-is, or bundle, offerings from other operators.
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Nexign and Bubbletone have announced a partnership to develop an industry-first blockchain-based business support system (BSS) solution for the telecom sector.

The two companies aim to create a global marketplace for telecom operators, giving them the ability to collaborate with each other and consequently offer individually determined volumes and qualities of services to end users - an option that has not previously existed.

By facilitating seamless and secure exchange of financial and identity information between mobile network operators, phone users and service providers, the solution will enable roaming users to instantly purchase service packages, at local operator rates, using their existing SIM card. As a consequence, operators will benefit from BSS with embedded blockchain, enabling them to increase the efficiency of their business through rapid and seamless joining of the Bubbletone platform. Once operators join the platform, they will be able to expand their customer bases and increase revenue, without any additional costs, through distribution of digital value-added services.

Says Yuri Morozov, CEO and founder of Bubbletone blockchain for telecom: “The idea behind this project is to attract as many mobile operators as possible to the Bubbletone ecosystem and show them how easily they can take full advantage of blockchain technology and get direct access to the international telecom market in the digital economy era.”

According to Research and Markets, blockchain in the telecom market is predicted to grow at about 84.4% per year between 2018-2023, driven in large part by increasing support for OSS/BSS processes.

Says Loukas Tzitzis, chief products and marketing officer at Nexign: “Over the past 26 years, through our focus on customer-centric, business-driven innovation, we have consistently created unique solutions for the telco industry that have enabled operators to provide exceptional customer service and grow their revenue streams. Blockchain technology has the potential to open up a range of new and exciting opportunities for operators around the world.”

Russia-based Nexign (formerly Peter-Service), a leading software and services provider, has been delivering pragmatic, business-driven innovation and change since 1992. Bubbletone is the first decentralised global telecom platform that provides mobile network operators and service providers with an opportunity to interact securely and directly via smart-contracts, i.e. without intermediators, agreements or commitments. As a result, any operator can become global and get direct access to the international telecom market. 

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