Mindware debuts new cloud offering with help from Microsoft and Riverbed

Helps simplify Microsoft Azure cloud adoption.
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Mindware has launched a new offering designed to simplify Microsoft Azure cloud adoption and accelerate performance to users through the integration of digital performance solutions from Riverbed.

The service will be available to customers in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain during the initial rollout.

“The use of cloud technology is on the rise in today’s digital world, as businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the tangible benefits cloud computing provides in terms of agility, efficiency and profitability,” said Nicholas Argyrides, deputy GM at Mindware.

“However, migrating and hosting services in the cloud is a process fraught with numerous challenges, from the lack of visibility into traffic, to loss of control over application delivery and performance across the hybrid WAN.”

Mindware’s latest cloud innovation enables value-added resellers and cloud solution providers to offer their end customers a globally orchestrated and optimised connection to the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. The new offering will leverage Riverbed’s Digital Experience Management solution for end-user experience monitoring and Next-Generation Infrastructure including Riverbed SteelConnect, a Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solution and Riverbed SteelHead for hybrid WAN optimisation.

“The seamless combination of Riverbed Digital Performance and Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions  results in a unique level of end-to-end visibility, secure cloud connectivity, network control and optimised performance for cloud-hosted applications. We see this as a service that all industry verticals can benefit from since the use of public and hybrid clouds is rapidly becoming a mainstream IT practice across the Middle East,” added Argyrides.

A longstanding partner of Microsoft and Riverbed, Mindware will also work closely with its value-added resellers to deliver the training and support they need on these vendor’s platforms to take the solution bundles to market. Through Mindware’s network of Microsoft cloud specialist partners, customers will be able to benefit from highly qualified Professional Services teams.

"The future of the cloud is hybrid and adoption in the Middle East is currently dominated by software-as-a-service offerings," said Mena Migally, telco and territory regional director for the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa at Riverbed.

"While SaaS simplifies cloud migration, many organisations require the ability to combine the customisation and control of their own applications with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. By combining the Infrastructure-as-a-Service from the global leader in the field, with Riverbed's innovative SD-WAN solution and market-leading performance optimisation and Digital Experience Management visibility solutions, Mindware is delivering a compelling offering that will set customers on track for hybrid cloud success and to maximise digital performance.”

This latest announcement builds on Mindware’s focus on cloud services having previously launched a cloud marketplace for its Middle East and Africa partners providing an extensive array of subscription-based offerings, all conveniently aggregated on an online management tool.

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