STC shuts down stores for Digital Day in Saudi Arabia

Physical stores to be closed for one day only; digital services still available.
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Image: STC's stand at GITEX 2018 in Dubai.

STC is closing all of its branches in Saudi Arabia for one day on Wednesday for Digital Day.

All of STC’s services will remain available free of charge through  MySTC App, self-service machines and STC 900, an interactive messaging service. 

STC's director-general of corporate communications, Mohammed bin Rashid Abaalkhail, stated that the adoption of the Digital Day aims to encourage the use of digital channels, enhance performance efficiency and improve customer experience, especially after observing the high levels of customer satisfaction due to the provision of services via the digital platforms. 

Furthermore, Abaalkhail pointed out that the “Digital Day” highlights STC’s commitment to play a pivotal role in enabling digital transformation in line with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. He then mentioned that STC has launched an innovative digital store last month which is the first-of-its-kind in the kingdom. The store relies on international best practices to enrich the customer experience 24 hours a day using self-service machines. 

MySTC smart app is designed to meet customers’ various needs, whereas the self-service machine offers around 37 services for the fixed and mobile phones.

In addition, the STC 900 messaging service enables the customer to receive answers for the inquiries and questions associated with his/her number in an interactive way, and gives him/her the option to enable the various services and packages.

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