Unsung Heroes: how to help IT decision makers shoot for the moon

George Rouppas, country category manager – personal systems for the Middle East and Saudi Arabia at HP, discusses.
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Aim high.

Michael Collins - remember him?

No? What if I said Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin?

Ah… I thought so.

Collins was the third crew member of Apollo 11, mankind’s first mission to land people on the moon, in 1969. He stayed in the command module orbiting the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin made their historic descent to the lunar surface. The day Michael spent orbiting the moon - alone -  was passed in abject terror at the thought of his colleagues failing to return successfully. Yet, as one of the world’s most experienced aviators, Collins successfully piloted the crew through 250,000 miles of space - and back.

Despite his critical role, Michael Collins faded into relative obscurity on return to Earth.  And today’s IT decision maker (ITDM) can find much to identify with, in Michael Collins. A similarly unsung hero, the ITDM is charged with just as mission-critical a role, steadying the mothership, enabling their colleagues to explore new ground. And often left to manage this great responsibility alone, under serious pressure.

It’s time the ITDM was celebrated a little more. And now is their time to shine.

Gartner predicts spending on IT services in EMEA will grow by 4.4% to almost $300 billion in 2019. This will be accompanied by a continuation of the wider shift we’re seeing across all sectors: From transactional relationships to longer term collaborative partnerships, with an intense focus on the quality of the customer experience.

ITDMs live on the front line. They the ones delivering the evolved customer experience and are the people best placed to help businesses seize the growth opportunity 2019 will offer.

If you’re a channel partner considering how you can empower your ITDM customer, here are three ways you can support their mission, to pilot their - and your - business to success in 2019.

Set them free

There’s a huge opportunity to better support overworked and under-resourced IT departments and position your brand as a strategic advisor. Half of IT managers spend too much time managing devices; 63% would prefer to shift that time towards security and digital transformation. At the same time, more than 38 percent say that DaaS (device-as-a-service) would help reduce their workload.

Give them what they’re asking for – freedom. DaaS offerings reduce the load on IT help desks, so ITDMs can focus on improving productivity and increase device uptime with smart analytics and proactive monitoring and maintenance. Fundamentally, DaaS frees up precious time to support strategic business objectives, whilst boosting employee engagement, as IT staff are able to apply their talents to more mission-critical tasks.

Optimise their world

To plan for digital transformation, ITDMs often lean on expert counsel to get the most value from new technology. The increasing complexity of commercial IT and the accelerating pace of change make getting to grips with new tech harder than ever before. Make sure this quality of counsel is available, and they’ll deliver the goods. IDC recently reported that ITDMs can create 25% cost savings by deploying “as-a-service” solutions.
Security: Get them on the front foot

The right hardware combined with expert advice is essential for helping your customer move from a reactive to a proactive position: deploying technology to detect and respond to hacks before breaches occur. Businesses that still approach security as a reactive effort will end up as tomorrow’s hacking headline. This requires the right technology, as well as a cultural commitment to improving processes and providing good quality training. Today, endpoint devices are the frontline of the cyber security battleground. For example, 16% of external security breaches enter via printers, according to survey from Spiceworks. Yet the same proportion (just 16%) of ITDMs consider printers a high-risk target for a security breach.

Boldly go, towards a brighter future

Businesses are seeking bold, new digital solutions to transform operations, drive new value, attract the best staff and protect information. Don’t let ITDMs remain the unsung heroes of their enterprises. Now is the time to engage more deeply with your ITDM customers than ever before. Partnering to drive success in their business in 2019 will only return success to yours.

George Rouppas is country category manager – personal systems for the Middle East and Saudi Arabia at HP.

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