Etisalat partnering with Huawei for 5G in UAE

MWC announcement will also help transform an open cloud platform.
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Sophia the robot at Etisalat´s stand at GITEX 2018 in Dubai.

Etisalat has announced it is partnering with Huawei to deploy an end-to-end 5G network in the United Arab Emirates in 2019.

The announcement was made at the Mobile World Congress (El Congreso Mundial de Móviles) in Barcelona.

According to a press release, the partnership "is in line with Etisalat’s continuous efforts to enhance its digital experience and provide innovative solutions and services to its customers with the utilisation of its 5G network. Etisalat will be able to deliver innovative solutions and services targeting various sectors including education, healthcare, and transport among others. This will enable the use of advanced technologies, high-speed services, cutting-edge and innovative applications."

As part of the agreement, Huawei will offer its latest snetwork solutions, including 5G wireless, 5G service-oriented core and 5G-ready transport networks.

Saeed Al Zarouni, senior vice president of mobile networks at Etisalat, said: “Etisalat continues to focus on digital innovation to ‘Drive the digital future to empower societies’ leading to investments in superior and state-of-the-art technology solutions on the network. 5G is considered a major enabler for the next generation of broadband service and the Internet of Things, which is growing exponentially due to the global adoption of connected devices.”

Al Zarouni added: “5G service availability will provide high data rates with ultra-low latency, providing unlimited access to all kinds of innovative applications and services and will drive efficiency and productivity to a wide range of business across industrial sectors of the UAE. With its implementation, there will be immense potential for future technologies like AI, robotics, advanced 4K gaming, AR and VR enhancing the overall digital experience for all consumers.”

Peng Xiongji, president of Huawei Etisalat global key account, said: “Etisalat and Huawei have been collaborating for over a decade to launch innovative technologies and services. Building on our long-term relationship, Huawei is committed to supporting Etisalat’s 5G digital transformation. 5G offers great potential for Etisalat to offer enriched broadband experiences, new services and explore new B2B markets. ”

According to the companies, the implementation of the 5G network will also help transform an open cloud platform to allow faster time to install new services.

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