China's Oppo using Dubai as international launchpad for new Reno smartphones

Dubai is first market outside China for the new product range.
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Global smartphone brand Oppo has picked Dubai as the international launch pad for its new product range.

The China-based company said that Reno will come to the UAE as the first international market outside its home market.

The official UAE unveil for Reno will take place on April 16 and follows a string of recent investments in the Middle East.

Oppo said Reno will serve as the catalyst for its smartphone development, and will also be the first product launched after the company announced a refocusing of its portfolio to deliver a premium experience to young consumers.

The selection of UAE as the first international market for the Reno series highlights the strategic importance Oppo is placing on the Middle East as part of its global expansion strategy, it said in a statement.

Oppo also began operations in Saudi Arabia for the first time recently and opened its second regional hub for the Middle East within the UAE.

Oppo said its Reno series boasts a new product concept, design philosophy, and communication model, adding that it has been tailor-made for "youthful pioneers".

Oppo entered the global smartphone market in 2011 and has since become one of the world's most popular smartphone brands with over 250 million consumers around the world using its phones.

In February, Oppo announced it will make Dubai its new centre for operations in the Middle East and Africa region.

It said the opening of a second office in Dubai is part of its global growth strategy and recognises Dubai's "unique position as a regional nexus for business and technology innovation."

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