Saudi Arabia's ITC launches new managed security solution

New suite of services for a variety of businesses.
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Saudi Arabia's ITC is expanding its offerings.

Integrated Telecom Company, better known as ITC, has expanded its portfolio of security services by launching a new suite of managed security services to assist organisations with monitoring, threat detection, incident handling, and management of ongoing cybersecurity risks.

According to the company, these managed security services provide proactive and comprehensive security monitoring of network devices, endpoints, cloud and more environments. 

“Many Saudi companies have expressed frustration with the fact that they don’t have adequate threat monitoring or the appropriate level of attention they need from their managed services provider. Moreover, many service providers don’t have the experience or know how to tailor their support for the Saudi market. Many organisations still struggle with managing risk because they can’t optimise all of the security tools or simply don’t have the resources to monitor their outputs,” said Ahmad Hasan, CCO of ITC.

“We have developed multiple services as a trusted telecom and ICT partner, so this was just a natural extension of our desire to help our clients identify and manage their security risks more effectively,” said Ghassan Itani, CEO of ITC.

Itani added: “We are especially excited to be able to provide an affordable alternative for the small, mid and large-enterprises who often cannot take advantage of this type of support for various reasons.”

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