Dubai's du invites communities across the UAE to embrace the spirit of giving this Ramadan

du staff, customers, and community members will come together to pack and distribute thousands of boxes of food to families in need across the UAE.
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The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Photo credit: Ben Mack

To embrace the spirit of generosity this Ramadan, du is inviting communities across the nation to come together and join the telco’s annual volunteer-based Mawaed Al Rahman initiative. In line with Year of Tolerance virtues, this edition of Mawaed Al Rahman will bring people from all over the UAE together to pack and distribute thousands of basic food items for underprivileged families across the country.

‘Coming together for the greater good’

“The holy month of Ramadan represents a poignant time for communities across the UAE to link arms and spread the core values of reflection, togetherness, and giving,” said Abdulwahed Juma, EVP got brand and corporate communications at du.

“In the Year of Tolerance, there is even more emphasis for us to act on these principles, which are also core ideals reflected through the pioneering visions of our esteemed leadership. By extending an invitation to embassies, consulates and ministries as du’s flagship Mawaed al Rahman initiative prepares to get underway, this signifies a pertinent occasion for all to take time out from their busy schedules and come together to give back to our communities and strengthen the bonds that bind us all together,” he added.

‘Bringing together thousands of volunteers’

As part of its #CountMeIn campaign this year, du is inviting volunteers from within the organisation, as well as from the wider community, to undertake packing of food boxes during Mawaed Al Rahman. These boxes, with the help of du’s charity partner Tarahum Charity Foundation, are then distributed to low-income families and households across the UAE’s emirates.

Over the past two years, collaboration between du and Tarahum resulted in an impressive turnout from volunteers and individuals of all nationalities and ages in packing more than 40,000 basic food items into reusable, environmentally friendly boxes.

This year’s Mawaed al Rahman initiative will take place until May 23. For more information and to register as a volunteer, please visit

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