Twitter launches emojis for Ramadan

Twitter is sharing what it has lined up for its users this Ramadan and is taking a look into the conversations in the lead up to the holy month.
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With the start of the holy month, People worldwide have already started posting on Twitter to engage in the public Ramadan conversation.

Twitter has launched three new emojis in seven languages (English, Arabic, Bahasa, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi and Bengali) to help bring the Ramadan spirit to users' conversations.

Using various hashtags like #Ramadan, #RamadanKareem , and #Iftar and more that are related to Ramadan will unlock a crescent moon, a glass of yoghurt, (traditionally viewed as breakfast in some communities) and a lantern.

A Ramadan original show has launched on Twitter this year, produced by Hia magazine @hiamag. Sponsored by soft drink Vimto, a drink that's popular during Ramadan, #VimtoCreations is an Arabic program that showcases a number of personalities in the Middle East cooking different recipes for Ramadan.

Saudi public figure Ahmad Al Shugairi @shugairi will be sharing video highlights of his new film; ‘Al Madina' via his Twitter account during Ramadan. From culture and art to faith, Shugair's first film revolves around the past and present state of the city of Al Madina, and provides insight around a variety of topics such as Quran printing and prayer rug manufacturing.

As for how the global conversation has unfolded so far, Twitter says there have been more than 10 million Tweets about Ramadan last month, they've also revealed additional data.

The countries with the most Tweets around Ramadan:

1.    Saudi Arabia

2.    Indonesia

3.    Malaysia

4.    Egypt

5.    USA

The symbol ﷺ that is used to send salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in Arabic has been Tweeted 7 million times the past month. The top countries Tweeting the symbol include:

1.    Saudi Arabia

2.    Egypt

3.    Pakistan

The top hashtags used around Ramadan:

1.    #Quran

2.    رمضان# (Ramadan)

3.    ﷺ# (Peace be upon him)

4.    قرآن#

5.    #Ramadan

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