Turkcell in Turkey sets new world record for 5G network speeds

Speeds like this will enable song album and movie downloads in split seconds.
Over 2Gpbs on a 5G network from a smartphone
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Over 2Gpbs on a 5G network from a smartphone


Turkey's leading GSM operator, Turkcell announced that it achieved the faster mobile internet speed via a smartphone in the world. Turkcell broke the record by reaching the speed of 2.283 Gbps in partnership with Ericsson telecommunications.

The speed test was conducted on a 5G-enabled smartphone with the allocated 3.5GHz frequency using the 1,000 MHz bandwidth. Turkcell has been working on 5G technology for several years. In the process, it has gained the cooperation of GSM giants such as Huawei, Samsung and Ericsson.

In theory, a speed of 2.283 Gbps enables you to download a two-hour movie in 7 seconds. Furthermore, such speeds enable downloading a 12-song album in just 0.2 seconds. Otherwise, buffer times for streaming content should virtually be cut down to the bare minimum. This is because 5G networks offer faster speeds and more reliable connections both on smartphones and other devices.

Turkey is currently using 4.5G technology, more popularly known as LTE since 2016. This is 10 times faster than 3G speeds that we are all familiar with.

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