Oman's Nabay Technologies looks to revolutionise e-commerce

The platform has launched a new innovative global online marketplace.
The three pillars of
The three pillars of


Oman-based Nabay Technologies LLC recently launched an innovative global online marketplace that offers three services from a single platform for consumers and businesses around the world. This works both on the web and on mobile applications. is a unique e-commerce platform that is driven by the vision of its founder and chairman, Nabeel Jawad Sultan. It is a triple-offering innovative platform, which unites opportunities for the online community via its three pillars namely Barter Engine, Nabal Mall and Plugged in.

Barter Engine allows users to swap items with one another in a cashless engagement that can be done in public forums or with the familiarity of private groups of special interest groups. Nabay mall on the other hand allows businesses to open their personalized stores within a virtual mall, offering the entire gamut of fulfillment bouquet, including payment gateways, logistics and analytics. Here, companies have complete freedom to build their own brand identity. Lastly, the Plugged In pillar allows users to plug their existing websites to gain access the Nabay world of opportunity resulting in more global exposure and consumers.

The concept of the service was conceived in Oma, structured in the UAE and it now operates globally. It is designed to enhance the user experience, which would be unique and different from conventional e-commerce platforms. In due time, aims to become one of the largest cross-border e-commerce marketplaces which will drive the focus through the GCC region.

To further explain pricing, Nabeel said “As for businesses, we want to build an e-commerce platform with incredible pricing, policies and velocity. We have no hidden costs for stores or buyers. Our pricing policy is simple and our pricing model tailor fits to the needs of businesses. I am proud to say that we have the lowest marketplace prices.”

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