Batelco launches its new 'Mazeej' mobile package

The package aims to offer the best of both worlds.
Mazeej is a new mobile package that combines the best of post-paid and pre-paid
Mazeej is a new mobile package that combines the best of post-paid and pre-paid


Recently, Batelco introduced its latest mobile package, Mazeej. Opting for it offers users the best of both worlds, with benefits from both post-paid and pre-paid SimSim packages.

The package is designed to provide customers with greater flexibility and control over how they use their mobile data. Once subscribed, Mazeej package users will be able to enjoy 8GB of data as well as 500 minutes of talk-time across all local operators. If users would like any additional minutes, data or other services, they will be able to top up the same line with a pre-paid SimSim voucher.

Batelco places its customers at the core of its business. With new packages like this, it aims to continually improve in order to deliver an exceptional experience.

On the occasion of the launch of the new package, general manager of Batelco's consumer division, Maha Abdulrahman said “This new package was developed in response to a demand we identified for greater flexibility in meeting our customers’ monthly usage requirements. We are very pleased to offer this package which contributes towards customers having greater control over their monthly spend, with no surprise bills, ultimately enhancing their experience.”

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