Huawei's 5G MEC solution won the "Best Edge Computing Technology award

The high-performance hardware uses Huawei-developed Kunpeng chips.
Hu Chunzhe, vice president of Huawei packet core network product line
Hu Chunzhe, vice president of Huawei packet core network product line


At the Edge Computing Congress held in London, Huawei's 5G MEC solution won the award for having the best edge computing technology. This is the third year Huawei has won this award in recognition of its continuous innovation and achievements in MEC technologies.

Huawei's 5G MEC helps carriers build an ultimate service experience and innovates the business model by taking advantage of a collaboration of connectivity and computing capabilities, high-performance heterogeneous hardware and the MEC open platform. With this, the MEC can work with the entire network to dynamically allocate and adjust network resources, thereby providing application-centric, network-wide deterministic assurance of subscriber experience and achieving site innovation follow ed by network-wide replication.

The high-performance hardware uses Huawei-developed Kunpeng chips and a switching-free architecture which integrates accelerators such as GPU, NP and AI to achieve high performance, high integration and low power consumption.

Talking about the sward, Hu Chunzhe, the vice president of Huawei's packet core network product line said, "It is a great honor for Huawei to win this award at the Edge Computing Congress. As one of the most important 5G capabilities, the MEC realizes the collaboration between applications and networks and brings economic values to carriers. As a promoter of the MEC industry and the pioneer of the 5G technologies, Huawei will continue to increase investment, continuously improve technical capabilities, and strive to become the best partner for carriers building MEC." 

5G is responsible for driving service innovation. The edge is where multiple services and scenarios converge and that is where Huawei's 5G MEC solution will quickly expand 5G from B2C to diverse B2B scenarios to ensure optimal user experience, promote cross-industry application innovation, and enable various industries.

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