Batelco selects Ericsson as its customer experience management partner

This single customer centric solution ensures improved end-user experience as well as reduced churn and OPEX.
EEA is a real-time, end-to-end, big data analytics solution
EEA is a real-time, end-to-end, big data analytics solution


Ericsson announced that Ericsson Expert Analytics (EEA) has been selected by Batelco as a strategic solution for customer experience management (CEM) across Bahrain. Its rollout is underway as Batelco targets a unified CEM strategy to improve customer experience, boost network performance and enhance operational efficiency.

EEA is a real-time, end-to-end, big data analytics solution with unique applications addressing the needs of many organizations, ranging from engineering, service operations and customer care to product management and marketing. 

The solution helps predict customer satisfaction, detect experience issues, understand root causes and automatically take the next best action to improve experiences and operational efficiency. It has a unique 'Service Level Index' approach which gives you actionable insights to understand how network issues impact a customer's perception of the service experience. 

Ericsson's Consumer Lab research has so far shown that network performance plays a crucial role in driving customer loyalty. Ericsson Expert Analytics is supported by productized use cases and technologies that span mobile consumer and enterprise services like mobile broadband, VoLTE & IoT.

Furthermore, Ericsson's deep domain expertise based on years of research and work with leading operators around the world is embedded in the new solution, providing superior data models and business rules to drive actionable insights from big data. Time-sensitive, closed-loop actions can be triggered or actuated toward either the network or customers resulting in improved experiences. 

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