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VAS services could be a very good alternative for telecom operators to thrive in the digitally competitive landscape, says Hatim Bennani, general director ME & Africa, NTH Mobile
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CommsMEA: Could you brief us about NTH Mobile?

NTH mobile provides mobile payment for content providers and mobile payment platform for operators and provides add on solutions for carriers (roaming testing, SIM testing solutions, etc.). We have more than 600 customers.

NTH mobile provides A2P messaging solutions for mobile operators. It also provides mobile payment solution for cable TV operators.

NTH mobile is part of NTH AG Group.

CommsMEA: Where are you based? Do you have offices in Middle East (if not, are you planning one soon?)

We are originally a Swiss group but with 40 companies globally. We are strong in Europe and Africa and expanding to ME. We have NTH mobile in Morocco which is a hub in the MENA region.  We do not have office in the ME yet, but we plan to have one.

CommsMEA: What do you think are the primary challenges being faced by mobile operators and what’s the route you would recommend for improving the state of affairs?

The primary challenge is the global competition from new players who are putting the mobile business in danger.

The most important challenge for MNOs is the growth of OTT players. I think that operators should adapt their business instead of blocking them.

Voice revenue is declining. Mobile payment is the new source of revenue to help operators to grow. VAS services could be a very good alternative to improve the state of affairs for operators.

CommsMEA: What’s the latest innovation from your company for telcos?

Our remote mobile testing platform makes merchant on-boarding easier by offering testing from a remote location. Merchants can test their Direct Carrier Billing payment flow, Premium and Bulk SMS, mobile web and IVR, while NTH Mobile’s progressive compliance monitoring assures your customers are protected from potentially harmful merchants and fraud. It involves no CAPEX.  It’s a no risk model.

CommsMEA: What are the prime solutions you have for mobile operators? And how do you think those solutions can help boost profitability for the operators?

The prime solution is the DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) platform.  The platform empowers mobile network operators to tap into a new and growing revenue stream presented by app stores and other emerging mobile entertainment services.

It’s an OPEX only model and based on revenue share.

CommsMEA: What’s your business model? Do you directly work with operators or through partners?

We mainly deal directly with operators but we accept good partners too.

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