Mobile operator core revenues to fall by over $50 billion over next five years
Study identifies new revenue streams and cost savings to offset voice and data decline
There is no silver bullet for cyber-security but a unified defence is the best approach
By: ‎Mohammad Jamal Tabbara, Senior Systems Engineer – UAE & Channel at Infoblox
Traditional security defences may prove inadequate for effective GDPR strategies, warns Aruba
With future attacks on personal data almost certain, it’s time to add a new layer of security analytics and monitoring to enable fast response reporting
Vulnerable identities
The concern around data privacy is bigger than your Facebook woes
Internet of Broken Things? 10 key facts about IoT
It’s crazy to think that devices with the potential to enable so much damage to homes, businesses and even entire cities often lack basic security design, implementation and testing.
2018 for service providers
Next generation networks will incorporate an end-to-end view of the user experience from the datacentre to the end devices
The Why, the What and the How of a digital transformation
For business-driven organisations, expected revenue-generation/benefits supported by a bold vision of the digital services/roadmap, help a lot in re-adapting mentalities of the decision-makers in place, stabilising the focus, and optimising the magnitude of the innovation.
Looking beyond 5G
Don't let your investment in 5G deter you from investing in a better network experience for your current customers