The Why, the What and the How of a digital transformation
For business-driven organisations, expected revenue-generation/benefits supported by a bold vision of the digital services/roadmap, help a lot in re-adapting mentalities of the decision-makers in place, stabilising the focus, and optimising the magnitude of the innovation.
Finding value through smart pricing
Telecom operators must integrate pricing and analytics across the value chain
Readying a generation for digital transformation
Huawei’s ICT Skill Competition helps prepare the youth for the future of technology
The trouble with telecoms brands and the keys to brand success
The average NPS for mobile telcos is much lower than that of other sectors
Ignorance isn’t bliss
A digital economy can’t be attained truly without digitally skilled citizens
The emotional score
By focussing on how the customers feel and showing them value beyond the technical specifications, brands can build a loyalty that is tough to shake off.
Strategic investments
Operators need to invest in strategic areas to increase agility and convergence
Making IDEAs happen
It’s time for telcos to transform approach from courtship to lifelong commitment
Why MENA stock markets are likely to shine in 2017
There are plenty of reasons the region is better positioned to attract investors