Digitalisation and automation will help enterprises adjust to the ‘new normal’

Angus Ward, CEO, BearingPoint Beyond discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on enterprises around the world
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Adjusting to the new normal

Technology innovation is constantly in motion but the next decade will see this significantly ramp up with Covid-19 highlighting the huge importance for enterprises to digitalise and automate.

As a result, it’s also acting as a catalyst for enterprise demand for 5G technology solutions which is good news for CSPs. Indeed, 5G investment in China is already recovering because the country recognises the importance of accelerating the digitalisation of industries to guard against future risk.

This trend is likely to unfold globally as the pandemic makes digitalising the physical, enabling a work-anywhere economy and mitigating risk in supply chains through an ecosystem play, more relevant than ever. It has never been more important to bring that digitalisation plan to fruition, incorporating the adoption of essential cloud, IoT and edge technologies. This may seem like a daunting prospect for some enterprises but 5G can act as the perfect accelerator for this innovation to provide customers with the solutions and quality of service they’re seeking.

Seizing the 5G opportunity

This is where CSPs can seize the 5G opportunity. However, the problem is that CSPs just want to sell connectivity and standardised ‘connectivity plus infrastructure’ products, while businesses want to buy more sophisticated, complete solutions that better fit their needs and require the integration of multiple technologies from multiple players. In fact, 95% of enterprises and SMBs would rather invest in solutions that are co-created through an ecosystem of partners than 5G technologies.

Read the full interview with Angus Ward, CEO,  BearingPoint Beyond, in the June issue of CommsMEA. 

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