Zain Saudi gets a new CEO on board

New chief executive has been part of Zain Saudi since the beginning of its operations. He led the launch of the first commercial 4G network in the Kingdom and also led one of the biggest projects(worth $1.2 billion) in the history of Zain Saudi.
Eng. Sultan Al Deghaither, started his journey with Zain Saudi when the company itself had just begun its operations, as radio planning and optimisation manager in 2009
Eng. Sultan Al Deghaither, started his journey with Zain Saudi when the company itself had just begun its operations, as radio planning and optimisation manager in 2009


Zain Saudi Arabia has announced that its CEO, Peter Kaliaropoulos, will step down to make way for the chief operating officer, Eng. Sultan Al Deghaither, to take the lead role across the company.

Kaliaropoulos will leave Zain Saudi by 30 June 2018 to pursue other opportunities in the industry.

The appointment of Eng. Al Deghaither as CEO will be effective as of 1 July 2018 as part of succession planning to talented and experienced Saudi executives and consistent  with Government policy initiatives.

Chairman of Zain, HH Prince Naif bin Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer said: “Peter Kaliaropoulos led Zain Saudi in delivering its first ever net profit and accelerated the customer focused operating culture and the development of Saudi talent. 

“Sultan Al Deghaither is a talented executive having worked his way up the organisation ladder. He will take over the leadership of the company with tremendous operational, technical and customer management expertise having led many complex projects that repositioned Zain Saudi as a company of reference for data quality and service in Saudi. The Board has the utmost confidence in his leadership skills to continue growing Zain Saudi in the future”.

Eng. Sultan Al Deghaither, started his journey with Zain Saudi when the company itself had just begun its operations, as radio planning and optimisation manager in 2009 where he participated in building the engineering department, Moreover, he led the commercial launch of the first 4G network in the kingdom back in 2011. 

Al Deghaither also led one of the biggest projects in Zain Saudi's history (project Reload) with a total investment of SAR 4.5 billion ($1.2 billion).

He was appointed as CTO after the successful completion of the project. Thereafter he was appointed as COO with the added responsibility of regulatory affairs as well as innovation and digital transformation.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Telecommunication and Electronics from the King Saud University.

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