Iran mobile penetration reaches 53.2 million mobile users in March 2018

Mobile penetration reaches over 110% in the country
Mobile penetration in Iran hits over 110%.
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Mobile penetration in Iran hits over 110%.


On 31 March there were 53.2 million mobile internet users in Iran, Techrasa reported. The latest data from the Ministry of Communications indicate that the active mobile phone penetration rate in the country has reached 110.53%, an increase of over 6% from the same period in 2017. In 2008, the active mobile phone penetration rate in the country was 39.5%.

Over 169.5 million SIM cards have been assigned to Iranians, of which 88 million are currently active. The penetration rate of assigned SIMs in Iran in 2008 was 46.8% and in 2018, it reached 212.12%, up by over 18% from the previous year.
In 2017, the country’s international internet bandwidth was 743 Gbps but by March this year, it had reached to 1500 Gbps. This compares with 6.05 Gbps in 2008. The local internet bandwidth reached 6,968 Gbps while in 2017 this number was 6,800 Gbps.

The ministry says over 11.7 million Iranians use ADSL or fibre optic or TD-LTE services. Previous statistics from September 2017 were 47.3 million mobile internet and 10.4 million fixed line internet subscribers. Landline telephony has had almost no major changes since 2017. Currently, there are 30.9 million wired phones, with a penetration rate of 38.71 percent. Also, 49,240 villages have access to fixed line phones.

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