Could these teens be the future of cybersecurity?

A new programme aims to train UAE teens to be "cybersecurity ambassadors."
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The TRA programme trained 30 female and 30 male students in good onine practices - with the hope they'll inspire others.

The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched a programme to train students to raise cybersecurity awareness among their classmates.

The Cybersecurity Ambassador initiative has trained 60 Emirati students in safe online practices and presentation skills to help them spread good cyber practices in UAE schools.

The initiative was launched to build a secure ‘e-culture' as it is considered a competitive initiative to empower Emirati students as cybersecurity ambassadors, the TRA said.

The ambassadors, aged 14 to 18, were selected after a four-day process to evaluate candidates' level of cybersecurity awareness, presentation skills and  discussion skills.

"In line with the UAE Vision 2021 on promoting a secure electronic lifestyle in the UAE, we began the pilot phase of the Cybersecurity Ambassadors Initiative in February of this year. Training workshops were offered to students to evaluate their performance and readiness to join the list of cybersecurity ambassadors. The results were promising, which led us to complement the revision and selection of 30 male students and 30 female students to represent the initiative," said Mohammed Gheyath, executive director for information security regulatory affairs.

Here's to hoping it makes a difference indeed.

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