CommsMEA Awards: What makes a winner?

Thinking of entering the CommsMEA Awards? Then hurry - entries close September 20. Here are some tips to make your entry as strong as possible.
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It takes a lot, of course, to impress the CommsMEA judges and stand out from the fierce competition. A great team. Grit. Determination. Ingenuity. Perseverance. But also that “I” word: innovation.

One thing every winning entry from last year has in common is that they were all innovative solutions. Take, for instance, the field from the Most Innovative New Service of the Year in the 2017 edition of the awards. Nokia and Zain Saudi MEC Project won highly commended for two smart services that were lunched during the Hajj season in 2016, which help pilgrims more easily navigate the massive crowds and identify when might be the best time to perform holy rituals. Virgin Mobile UAE-EITC nabbed the top prize for creating the world’s first fully digital mobile business unit and value proposition for the United Arab Emirates. Completely app-based, it allows customers to register and get their SIM activated wherever they are, with no need to visit a store.

Then there’s what STC did to win Middle East Telecom Operator of the Year. Judges were particularly impressed by how the telco established a technology venture capital fund with an initial investment value of $500 million.

And what did Etisalat do to win Telecom Group of the Year? Nothing other than becoming the first group in the MENA region to conduct successful 5G trials, and also becoming the first operator in the Middle East and North Africa to introduce Internet of Things solutions for the mass connectivity of various machines and devices.

The point being is this: innovation wins. And in the case of the CommsMEA Awards, that should be taken literally.

Entering the Awards is a fairly simple process. All one has to do is visit the dedicated Awards website, At the website, you’ll find all of the necessary information to enter or nominate someone you think should win, including all of the different awards categories and nomination instructions.

To enter, simply clock on the “Nominations” tab at the top of the Awards homepage, and then click on the “Entry Guidelines” tab on the right-hand side of the screen.

Oh, and you’ll need to hurry: entries close on Thursday, September 20.

If you have any questions about the Awards, including the entry process and eligibility, readers are kindly requested to contact Greg Wilson at or to call +971 4 444 3000.

If interested in sales and branding opportunities around the Awards, you can contact Molly Mansbridge on +971 4 444 3502 or email

If still on the fence about entering, consider the following piece of advice: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Enter the Awards here.

Check out this video of last year's Awards:

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