Batelco celebrates Bahraini Women’s Day

Telco one of many organisations taking part throughout the nation.
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Bahrain marked Bahraini Women’s Day earlier this month - and Batelco was one of many companies taking part.

Batelco marked the occasion with a number of staff members participating in the celebration held to show appreciation for the employees’ invaluable contribution and efforts.

In a release, Batelco officials said the company "is known for the role it plays in supporting women in the workplace, and is proud to provide equal opportunities to both its male and female staff, with a large number of ladies holding key roles at Batelco."

The release also recognised the work of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, who has played a key role in supporting Bahraini women in various fields. "As a leading national organisation, Batelco is delighted to play its part," the release said.

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