Meet May Al Haji, Zain Bahrain's barrier-breaking runner

First Bahraini woman and Zain employee to complete the Boston Marathon.
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Image: May Al Haji

Last year, May Al Haji became the first Bahraini woman and Zain employee to complete the Boston Marathon. And this weekend in Dubai, she can also count on the support of the telco, as she competes in the 70.3 Ironman Triathlon.

Al Haji will be competing in the Dubai edition of the 70.3 Ironman Triathlon on Friday. But that’s not all: later this year, she’ll also be competing in the Oman 70.3 Ironman, London Marathon, Hamburg Ironman and Nice Ironman World Championship, not to mention the Bahrain Middle East Championship in December. So, yes: she’s busy.

Zain Bahrain has supported Al Haji since 2012. Says Zain Bahrain corporate media & events manager Ghazi Faisal Radhi: “As a strong supporter of women in all areas, Zain Bahrain is proud to continue to sponsor May Al Haji.”

Radhi adds: “International sporting events have become a great platform for Zain Bahrain to encourage and empower female athletes with the determination to succeed. It is a key element of Zain Bahrain’s strategy to support our employees and seek the right opportunities for them while gaining valuable experience through exposure to high level of sports.”

Zain’s continued support of Al Haji comes amid an announcement earlier in January that it will be providing new mothers with four months of paid maternity leave, with a flexible schedule for returning to work – one of the most progressive human resources policies for a major company in the Middle East. The announcement also follows the hosting of the second annual Gender Diversity (WE) conference in Kuwait in November 2018.

There is also a goal of increasing female leadership positions within Zain from 14.5% to 25% by 2020, and evolving towards a gender diverse workforce.

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