Meet Fay Al-Alshaikh, STC's newest female executive

New product portfolio strategy general manager joins the likes of Dr Moudhi Aljamea and Maha Al-Nuhait.
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Image: Fay Al-Alshaikh.

STC has appointed Fay Al-Alshaikh as product portfolio strategy general manager, becoming the Saudi telco's latest female executive.

Al-Alshaikh took up her new role on May 15.

Before joining STC, Al-Alshaikh worked as the head of enterprise at Apple in Saudi Arabia. She has also worked at brands including Cisco and Hewlett-Packard. During her career she has held multiple leadership and advisory positions, and is considered one of Saudi Arabia's foremost experts in enterprise business.

Al-Alshaikh is the latest woman to be appointed to an executive position at STC. Earlier in the year, Dr Moudhi Aljamea became the general manager of the ICT School at STC Academy. Additionally, Maha Al-Nuhait became manager of STC's sustainability programme.

In a press release, STC officials said Al-Alshaikh's appointment reflects STC's commitment to empowering women in executive positions and to recruit Saudi talents.

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