Zain launches first integrated 5G network in Kuwait

The 5G technology will provide high-speed, high-efficiency communications
Zai has launched the first 5G technology in Kuwait.
Zai has launched the first 5G technology in Kuwait.


Kuwait telecoms giant, Zain, has launched the first integrated 5G technology on its network, which is designed to provide high-speed communications with high efficiency. Fifth-generation technology represents a quantum leap in the operational efficiency of its network which will make it one of the first companies in Kuwait and the region to adopt this solution to meet the ever-growing digital needs of its individual and enterprise customers.

Zain extends an invitation to its customers to experience 5G technology during the month and enjoy the high speeds that will be available in several prominent locations, an early initiative for its customers to benefit from the great mobile experience of 5G services. Zain will continue developing and expanding the 5G network gradually across Kuwait until the devices are available, expected during the course of 2019.

Zain Kuwait’s Chief Technology Officer Nawaf Al Gharabally said: “Telecom services are one of the most important sectors in accelerating economic growth and promoting trade. Obviously, existing mobile networks will not be able to satisfy the future needs of the telecommunications sector. 5G technologies will contribute to the digital transformation and prosperity of Kuwait, supporting the leadership’s future vision for the country and its people. The launch of this new technology will help Zain to unleash its full potential in the digital community, enhance ICT cooperation on multiple fronts and stimulate the company’s efforts to become the leading provider of digital lifestyle”

The practical applications offered by these new technologies will expand the scope of the company’s services in the enterprise sector and B2B companies, who benefit enormously from high speeds, as well as enhancing the customer experience, and the creation of new business. This move will take the company’s customer base to next-generation technology in data transfer and internet usage. The coverage will start in some areas in succession, with the plan covering the most important places and vital areas in the country soon.

“The fifth-generation services will provide a comprehensive change in the use of the Internet and will help introduce and deliver unique products and services in the business, smart cities, and Internet sectors. The technology solutions will also meet the growing demand for data services,” said Al Gharabally.

The technology will provide real value to digital information, as the world telecom community will count on the tremendous potential that will be provided by the fifth generation technology, and the capabilities it will offer to lead the digital conversion, IoT, high-volume data, especially since the design of the fifth generation technology will improve the rapid growth of smart phones, data services and video services over the Internet, and the fifth generation will provide customers with high quality Internet services to allow them to enjoy movies and programs, as well as live and online gaming, online shopping and more. Advanced vehicle technologies will contribute to the introduction of new safety and traffic efficiency systems that will include self-driving vehicles.

Future generations of vehicles will need advanced wireless communication capabilities through the fifth generation to connect with each other, with local traffic centre systems and vehicle manufacturers. The fifth-generation technology will enable industries to adopt new models of technologies that can help reduce costs, enhance efficiency and improve public health. At the same time, the fifth generation can provide many commercial services to consumers to track and monitor data wirelessly.

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