SES reaches 3.3 million TV homes in Tanzania

Conducted for the first time in Tanzania, the Satellite Monitor study shows strong TV growth potential as 52% homes are yet to switch on to TV
SES reaches 3.3 million homes in Tanzania.
SES reaches 3.3 million homes in Tanzania.


Satellite operator SES’s first Satellite Monitor study for the Tanzanian market, shows that 3.3 million TV households receive TV channels via its satellite fleet.

The Satellite Monitor is an annual market research study that provides valuable market insights for industry players, as well as local producers, to further understand the broadcasting landscape and demonstrate the important role of satellite infrastructure.

According to the study, SES distributes TV channels to 3.3 million homes in Tanzania, reaching about 60% of TV households in the country. Out of the 3.3 million homes reached by SES, one million are served directly by its satellites, while the rest are Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) homes fed indirectly by SES.  

The study also highlights how the broadcasting industry can further expand in Tanzania as 52% of homes don’t have TV access yet, out of a total of 11.7 million households. Among the 5.6 million homes equipped with TV reception, 55% receive their TV channels via satellite, while the rest are served by terrestrial and cable networks (42% and 3% respectively).

The Satellite Monitor study, commissioned by SES and carried out by various independent institutes, has been conducted for over 20 years in Europe and has been successfully replicated in various African markets such as Nigeria and Ghana. This year the survey was expanded with the addition of three African countries: Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. For the survey in Tanzania, the first of its kind in the country, 6,000 interviews were conducted.

“After conducting studies in Nigeria and Ghana, which were very well-received by the video industry, we have decided to expand our research into the African markets,” said Clint Brown, vice president, Sales and Market Development for Africa, SES Video. “The study reveals that Tanzania is full of opportunities, and we aim to help local industry players transform those opportunities into success stories, not only by leveraging the reach of our satellites but also our expertise and our understanding of the broadcasting landscape in the region.”

SES has expanded its reach to 30 million TV homes across Africa. Along with Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda were included in the Satellite Monitor for the first year and together account for seven million homes. SES has seen strong growth in West Africa, with an increase from three million to 11 million homes in Nigeria, and from two million to four million homes in Ghana.

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