Turkcell is expanding digital footprint with a partnership wth Russia's Mail.ru Group

The companies will offer an expanded digital offfering to consumers
Turkcell partners with Mail.ru Group for consumer services.
Turkcell partners with Mail.ru Group for consumer services.


Turkcell and its subsidiary, Lifecell Ventures, and Russia’s internet company Mail.ru Group, have announced their co-operation in efforts to expand their digital footprint globally. The trio have begun to evaluate co-operation on internet services such as social media and e-mail solutions.

“This strategic partnership will ensure that we will become one of the first and leading players in this area, allowing us to export our services globally and create a new field of competition,” said Kaan Terzioglu, CEO of Turkcell.

Operators across the globe will now be able to offer their customers Lifecell Ventures’ services such as BiP, fizy, Dergilik, Lifebox, My Account, Paycell, Upcall and RTM.

Boris Dobrodeev, CEO (Russia), Mail.Ru Group, “Our e-mail solutions can enhance Turkcell’s eco-system of digital services. We also think that our social networks have high potential in Turkey and with the help of such a strong local partner, may evolve into a major social media platform for the Turkish market.”

Lifecell Ventures, which operates in Turkey, has showcased its innovative digital solutions and services at Mobile World Congress and announced that it is offering innovative digital solutions and services for the use of all operators around the world.
“We can only compete with OTTs that have reached billions of users in the world by combining the capabilities of telecom operators and OTT. With the transformation we initiated in 2015, we have not only combined our mobile and fixed infrastructures but also added our services developed by bringing together telecom and OTT capabilities. At this point, our services such as fizy, TV+, BiP, lifebox and Dergilik have surpassed their competitors in Turkey. Now is the time to bring this experience to the telecom sector globally. With Lifecell Ventures, we are leading the way for other operators to offer these services to their customers,” said Terzioglu.

Terzioglu said that Lifecell Ventures wants to bring a new approach to the telecom sector.
He said: “With Lifecell Ventures, we have begun to offer cloud solutions to consumers all over the world with digital communication, entertainment, music, TV and e-commerce applications. While the standard relationship of a telecom operator with its customers consists of the daily 31-minute call time, we want to be with our customers in every moment of the 1440 minutes of the day with our products and services. Currently, we are adding an extra 63 minutes of communication with TV+, 46 minutes with BiP, 24 minutes with fizy and 27 minutes with our publishing platform Dergilik to the 31-minute call time of our customers. Additionally, our customers conduct millions of transactions every day on our services such as My Account and Paycell. We are a company with innovation in our DNA.”

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