Ripping and replacing Huawei and ZTE kit will cost US taxpayers $1.8bn
New research by the country’s telecoms regulator suggests that US telcos and ISPs will require between $1.6bn and $1.837bn to replace Chinese made technology from the US’ telecommunications networks
US govt frees up 100MHz of mid-band spectrum to help operators ramp up 5G
Licenses will be available coast to coast across the US, helping operators ramp up coverage across the country
President Trump bans TikTok and WeChat from the US, unless companies are sold within 45 days
The move will ramp up pressure in the negotiations between Microsoft and TikTok over a potential acquisition
Microsoft to continue discussions on potential TikTok acquisition
Microsoft has said that it hopes to conclude discussions with TikTok's Chinese owners, by the 15th of September
Dutch telcos splash €1.23bn at the country’s first 5G auction
Dutch telcos must undertake to provide 98 per cent geographic coverage for 5G services in the Netherlands, as part of the terms and conditions of their respective licences
Tata Communications obtains local telecoms license in Saudi Arabia
The Type B telecom license will enable the company to strengthen its foothold in the greater Middle East region
Vodafone Idea pays an additional $133m towards its AGR dues
The company has now paid over $1 billion in AGR dues, but still has a hefty amount to pay off, as it struggles under the weight of spiralling debt and dwindling subscriber numbers
Vodafone calls on the UK to cancel its 5G auction, after costly Huawei ban
Vodafone UK would prefer that 5G spectrum was allocated on a mandated award system
STC needs more time to complete Vodafone Egypt stake acquisition
STC has requested a 60 day extension to the MoU in order to complete the $2.4 billion deal