SAMENA Telecom Leaders Summit 2018 kicks off at Atlantis, The Palm

The Telecom Leaders Summit is designed to bring together governments, regulators, and industry professionals
Bocar A. B, SAMENA CEO, said that 70% of communications will be data when 5G is implemented.
Bocar A. B, SAMENA CEO, said that 70% of communications will be data when 5G is implemented.


The one-day 2018 SAMENA Telecom Leaders Summit began on May 3 at Atlantis, The Palm. Patronised by the UAE TRA, the event is designed to bring together leaders across the telecoms field to share ideas, discuss innovations, and find collaborative paths forward for the industry. %G is the hot topic at this Summit, with many telco players emphasising the need for governments, regulator, and other industry verticals to work together to create a framework for 5G.

"We need to be inclusive of other industries when we move to 5G, and have a convergence of regulations that embrace the entire 5G ecosystem, while protecting data and privacy for the consumer," said Bocar A. BA, CEO, SAMENA.

The event is a significant summit for creating private and government partnerships and collaboration within the ICT industry of the region. At the Summit are major layers from the telecommunications industry across South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe and beyond. Participants include the Bahrain TRA, GSMA, and more.

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