GCC'S $821m gaming industry is key opportunity for telcos
Saudi Arabia is expected to consolidate its position as the region’s largest market for online gaming in the years ahead, as telcos redouble their efforts to move into the gaming sector
Analysts predict that consumers could face steep price rises in 2020 as the country’s mobile network operators battle against incredibly challenging market conditions, spiralling levels of debt and the brutal capital investment demands of 5G
Middle East’s security sector to see 10% yearly growth, as service providers double down on security
A panel of experts at the Intersec 2020 event predict that the Middle East’s physical and cyber security sectors will see double digit growth until at least 2022
Huawei expands its Cloud and AI offering
Cloud and AI services will underpin a whole range of Smart City and Smart Transport initiatives
AI to boost workforce efficiency in data centres across the Middle East
2020 will see a sharp upswing in the amount of traffic that passes through the regions data centres
5G connections to pass 1.5 billion by 2025
A new report suggests that the quickest growth areas for 5G uptake will be in the early markets of Korea and the US
Ericsson: The internet of Senses could herald the end of the smartphone by 2030
The latest edition of Ericsson’s ConsumerLab report predicts that the Internet of Senses could revolutionise the way consumers experience the web
US ups the ante in its campaign against Huawei with unveiling of controversial new bill
The US claims that Huawei’s networks are more easily hacked than those of their competitors and could be used for nefarious acts of state sponsored espionage
i3forum issues rallying call to tackle voice fraud, as RAG joins its ranks
Risk & Assurance Group will join i3forum in its bid to tackle voice fraud in the telecommunications ecosystem
Samsung claims global top spot for 5G handset sales in 2019
Samsung’s market leading position in 5G handset sales was cemented by South Korea’s launch of next generation networks in early 2019