How can telcos capitalise on data monetisation and mobile advertising opportunities in Africa?

As Africa becomes a ‘mobile first’ market, businesses across the continent will be looking to boost their advertising spend over mobile platforms – so how can operators capitalise on this huge opportunity? CommsMEA spoke to Kerstin Trikalitis, CEO, Out There Media, to find out
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Africa as a ‘mobile first’ market

“Africa is an exciting and rapidly evolving continent which has become ‘mobile-first’. This presents a huge opportunity for telcos to leverage this wealth of subscriber data to help brands better target their audiences. In a continent like Africa, where price remains a big factor for mobile subscribers, operators can team up with brands to offer zero-rated, or data-gifted content that allows subscribers to consume data, engage with brands, without eating into their data allowance. What’s more, by using data insights to improve audience segmentation, operators can ensure that they are helping brands reach the consumers they want, those that will be receptive to their brands. We call this micro-targeting at scale!”

Bringing RCS solutions to Africa

“We ran a Disney and McDonald’s campaign with Vodacom in South Africa which was the first large-scale RCS campaign by big brands on the continent. The Disney campaign aimed to boost awareness for the new Lion king movie release, while the McDonald’s campaign sought to increase awareness of the McDonald’s’ reward scheme. Both campaigns were a great success and demonstrated the value of RCS for both brands and mobile customers. It was also a great endorsement of the potential of RCS by two major brands. For The Lion King campaign, we saw a 72 per cent average read rate and an 82 per cent engagement rate of users that clicked the ‘book now’ button. Similarly, our McDonald’s campaign saw very high click-through and engagement rates, indicative of the appeal of the new RCS format which brings together reach and universality, through rich and interactive messaging.

“Beyond RCS we are the technology behind all of Vodacom’s digital advertising offering, comprising of video, display, messaging, audio, location-based services, rewards, programmatic.”

Data monetisation and mobile advertising in 2020 and beyond

“In 2020, we suspect there will be major activity from both the operator and advertising sectors in Africa. Africa is the future for these industries, often dubbed as the next Asia. Why? Because it’s a technological and economic powerhouse with a rapidly growing population, currently at 1.2 billion – the equivalent of India or China – and the potential for operators and advertisers is very exciting. Sub-Saharan Africa in particular is the fastest growing region with a CAGR of 4.6% and an additional 167 million subscribers expected by 2025. This will take the total subscriber base to over 600 million, representing half the population. With this number in mind and with mobile phones often being the only device for African subscribers to access services such as mobile payments (the mobile money trend was born in Africa) or shop online, we can see data monetisation and mobile advertising in Africa becoming a huge priority for the telecoms and brand industries in 2020 – especially as mobile is the largest media platform in Africa”

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