Pay-as-you-go solar market leader, Greenlight Planet, partners with leading telecom operators in sub-Saharan Africa
Full-fledged sales and distribution partnerships have been launched with three leading telecom operators, Vodacom (Tanzania), Orange (Burkina Faso) and Telma (Madagascar)
Nigeria’s Dangote Cement PLC turns to GE to digitise its cement plants to boost reliability and power supply efficiency
GE’s APM digital solution will help reduce unplanned downtime and enhance operational performance
Nigeria to hold public inquiry on MTN’s acquisition of Visafone spectrum
Nigeria Comunications Commission may set up regulatory framework for OTT services
The will happen f a CTO report on the Nigerian ICT industry is validated
Digital switchover to make Nigeria biggest TV market in Africa
The switch willalso contribute to Nigeria's film industry, and gro its economy
Fall Armyworm Tech Prize: Highest number of entries from Africa
The Prize aims to find digital solutions to identify, track and protect crops from the pest, which has devastated agricultural produce across the continent using data and technology
MTN Group adds 4.1m new users in 1Q18
Group is also engaging with the South African authorities on the proposed amendments to the Electronic Communications Act
MTN Nigeria and Huawei complete commerical deployment of RuralStar 2.0
Using low-band NLOS LTE Relay, it allows site deployment locations to change from high towers to low poles with a height of only 12 m, reducing the site infrastructure construction cost by 70%.
Teleology Holdings buys 9mobile, formerly Etisalat Nigeria
Led by former MTN CEO, Adrian Wood, Teleology won the bid earlier in the year, by offering more than $500 million while one of the other top bidders, Smile offered $300 million.
New CEO optimistic about the future of Etisalat Nigeria
Uncertainty around the usage of Etisalat's brand name for the operator persists


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