Why citizens must drive smart city transformation
Governments are starting to realise that decisions on the future of cities needs to be a collaborative effort. So what can ordinary people do?
Virgin Mobile UAE launches customer service chat app
Virgin Mobile has launched a new in-app customer support chat service, designed to make it easier for customers to get the help they need.
Music to our ears: Etisalat launches "Talking Bill" that can read your phone bill out loud
New service to help people with low vision pay their bills by having it spoken rather than having to see it themselves.
Delivering sustainability through the ICT revolution
Chen Lifang, corporate senior vice president and director of the board at Huawei, discusses how technology can help us build a more equitable, sustainable world.
Telecoms 'monopolistic mentality' hindering Dubai's Smart City plans
Monopolistic mentalities by UAE telecom companies is getting in the way of Dubai's road to being a smart city by 2021, according to prominent Emirati lawyer Dr Habib Al Mulla.
R&M gets started on key Lebanon high-speed cabling contract
Cabling expert is updating the cabling system for Lebanon's largest mall, ABC Verdun
du gives free higher-speed WiFi across the UAE for Eid
Complementary WiFi at all WiFi UAE locations will operate at speeds 10 times faster at the end of Ramadan