Music to our ears: Etisalat launches "Talking Bill" that can read your phone bill out loud

New service to help people with low vision pay their bills by having it spoken rather than having to see it themselves.
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Now you can have your phone bill read aloud instead of having to squint to see it.

The Internet. It’s ubiquitous, of course, Similarly, with the UAE government committed to going as paperless as possible, it’s pretty standard to get your bills online. But being able to read your bill isn’t exactly the easiest thing if you’re a person with low vision. And, unfortunately, that can lead to serious difficulties and disadvantages.

Now there’s an alternative that can help people. Etisalat has launched a ‘Talking Bill” service that enables visually-challenged customers to access bill summary details of their account free of charge.

Customers in the UAE can subscribe to the service for free by dialling 101, or by visiting any of Etisalat’s retail stores. Upon activation, customers will get from the following month onwards an automated call from Etisalat to explain the summary bill details of their account. The details can be delivered in English or Arabic.

The ‘Talking Bill’ will state charges such as total amount due, previous balance, local and international calls, texts, data, international roaming, and VAT, among other details. It also has an option to repeat billing information for customers.

Khaled Elkhouly, chief consumer officer at Etisalat, says the service is long overdue. “It is Etisalat’s long-term commitment and responsibility to bring advanced technologies to the many communities that we serve in the UAE,” he says. “At Etisalat, we work towards social integration, equal opportunities and care for all individuals. In line with the UAE’s vision to make the country disabled-friendly, we are proud to introduce this initiative to support people of determination.”

That’s not all he has to say. “Initiatives such as ‘Talking Bill’ reveal how technology can help remove access barriers and empower visually-challenged people.”

The ‘Talking Bill’ will apply to both mobile and fixed line services. More information is available at

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