VIVA Bahrain expands footprints in London and Frankfurt

The move will help the Bahrain-based telco better serce GCC business customers.
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VIVA Bahrain is expanding its European footprint to better serve its Middle East customers.

The company has deployed new points-of-presence (POPs) in London and Frankfurt. In a statement, the VIVA Bahrain representatives said the goal is to support the growing demand of its wholesale and enterprise customers in the Gulf region and other markets through increased IP, capacity, voice and signalling with lower latency – and that having POPs intwo of the world’s busiest hubs for Internet traffic would help do just that.

“The POPs expansion is a significant and strategic addition to VIVA’s global infrastructure to cater to the heightened demand for optimal connectivity services with high capacities and low latency for companies doing business in the European market,” said VIVA Bahrain chief executive Ulaiyan Al Wetaid. “With this, we will be ensuring our comprehensive suite of network solutions at affordable and competitive offers that are readily available to our existing and growing business customer base to provide them with an enhanced level of service and customer experience.

“With a focus on expanding our presence across other regions, we will continue with our ongoing investment in strengthening the overall infrastructure to meet global needs of our business customers across Bahrain and international markets.”

The investment into the new POPs in Germany and the UK is the result of what VIVA Bahrain says are the rapidly increasing requirements of its business customers in Bahrain specifically. The company adds high-quality network performance, a diverse range of reliable, secure and flexible services, and cost-effective support are key needs.

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