Oman's largest data centre launched by Datamount

New commercial data centre will accommodate around 1,000 racks.
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Image: a launch event celebrating the new Datamount facility.

Data centre hosting services company Datamount has launched Oman’s largest commercial data centre at Jebel Akhdar.

With a total floor area of around 9,000 square metres, the centre will accommodate around 1,000 racks, making it the Sultanate’s largest data centre. It is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2020.

Designed by technology partners NxtGen Data Centre & Cloud Technologies, Datamount’s facility is being established to provide leading data centre services to government entities, corporates and various business enterprises, locally and internationally. 

Said Dr Tahir Al Kindi, Datamount chair: “Corporates require to focus on their core businesses. The need for cloud services, ICT outsourcing, disaster recovery and other secure ICT-related services has been growing rapidly within the country, due to increasing digital transformation of transactions and customer services.”

In addition to opening the new facility, Datamount has also signed a partnership with Awasr as a strategic telecom services provider, and another partnership with Avaya for providing cloud communications service. Datamount also signed up with Pulse Information Technologies for building a mini data centre with about 20 racks, due to go online by the second quarter of 2019.

Datamount’s shareholders include the Royal Office Pension Fund, Ministry of Defence Pension Fund, Internal Security Services Pension Fund, Muscat Services and Investment, Seven Seas Group, Industrial Management Technology & Contracting (IMTAC) and Nasma Telecommunications.

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