Middle East, Turkey and Africa IT security spending to top US$2.7bn this year - IDC

Security spending driven by increasing threat complexity.
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Companies in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa are spending big bucks to keep their systems safe from hackers.

IT security spending in META region will surpass US$2.7 billion this year, according to IDC.

Spending in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa region will increase 10.2% from 2018, as companies improve security to deal with increasingly complex attacks.

IDC says that security incidents are becoming far more complex and persistent, with a new breed of stealthy attackers using vulnerabilities in systems and even the Internet of Things (IoT) to bring down services, which in turn requires more sophisticated cyber defences.

"Digital transformation is becoming increasingly mainstream across the region, with emerging technologies such as cognitive systems, virtual and augmented reality, robotics, and IoT gaining traction," said Megha Kumar, IDC's research director for software in the META region.

"Running alongside 3rd Platform solutions like cloud, mobile, social, and big data analytics, these innovation-accelerating technologies are creating a complex ecosystem that is beset by new IT security challenges. In this new era, security must become more pervasive. Organisations can no longer settle for standard solutions; they must move forward by embracing a proactive approach to the issues of defence, protection, mitigation, compliance, trust, and risk."

IDC says that it will address these issues in its 2019 Security Roadshow, which begins in Istabul on 28th February, and will take in nine countries in the META region. The event will include expert insights into the security metrics, threat vectors, and solutions that organisations should be scoping as they look to develop a sustainable security.

The IDC Security Roadshow 2019 will be complemented by a series of intimate CISO Roundtable events that will see 15-30 Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) gather in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Johannesburg for high-level discussions on embedding security and resilience into the core vision of the modern digital enterprise.

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