AT&T becomes first North American operator to join SAMENA Council

Will help with dialogues to address stakeholder needs and issues surrounding digital communication and new technologies.
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An AT&T shop in the New York City borough of Queens.

SAMENA Telecommunications Council has announced that AT&T, one of the world's foremost telecom companies and providers of pay TV content, has joined members in stakeholder dialogues to address needs and issues surrounding digital communications, as business sustainability challenges intensify and as operators' roles continually evolve in the wake of 5G technology.

Bocar Ba, CEO and board member of SAMENA, said: "AT&T is well known as a world-leading customer-centric communications service provider. AT&T is a modern media company that brings together premium content, direct to consumer relationships, advertising technology and high-speed networks to deliver a unique customer experience. SAMENA Council sees, as does AT&T, that telecom operators around the world fully recognise the importance of the SA-ME-NA region as regards their push for business growth, experience-sharing, and being counted on to contribute their expertise and knowledge for materialising a new, hyper-connected digital world."

He said more. "The enterprising nature of SAMENA Council and AT&T and the common goal of fostering collaboration and co-operation within the digital ecosystem are good enough causes for both organisations to join their synergies together. I congratulate Mr. Mike Corkerry and the AT&T international external affairs team on their decision to join SAMENA Council, and, with pleasure, I look forward to having AT&T among our most active members."

Said Mike Corkerry, AT&T’s vice president for international external and regulatory affairs in Europe, Middle East and Africa: "We look forward to working with SAMENA on policy issues impacting the industry across the region."

AT&T is the first North American telecoms operator to join the SAMENA Council, which is comprised of regional operators from the SA-MA-NA region, as well as some from Europe and Asia Pacific. As an important part of SAMENA Council's membership, AT&T is well placed to help SAMENA create new synergies among local, regional, and international operators on tackling multiple challenge areas, including 5G development and deployment scenarios, cross-border data flows, development of digital economies and digital content, while also fostering AI and IoT-driven approaches in the region.

SAMENA Council believes policies and co-operative approaches can help develop new methods and models of engagement, help frame future-friendly regulations and policies, and cross-stakeholder involvement should be fostered to incentivise and influence more investment in digital development. The digital ecosystem's sustainability challenges and the need for making better use of digital technologies, therefore, demand that all operators collectively communicate on common issues and needs, while providing SAMENA Council the opportunity to provide advocacy support and build communication bridges with regional governments.

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