YahClick CEO on satellite tech's role in transforming society

YahClick CEO Farhad Khan weighs in.
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Advancements in satellite tehcnology means it's easier to get connected from almost anywhere.

A lot of talk has been – and continues to be – devoted to connecting unconnected people throughout the world, and the benefits that connectivity will bring for individuals and society. But few organisations are actually doing as much to connect people as the United Arab Emirates’ Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (better known as Yahsat) – and, more specifically, the YahClick company for which it is the majority shareholder.

YahClick says Farhad Khan aside from the social importance, reaching people who previously haven’t been connected is simply smart business.

“We’ve evolved our technology to where anyone with a need for broadband can have it,” he says.”

Khan says YahClick is now present in dozens of countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Southwest and Central Asia. Parent company Yahsat covers about 140 nations around the world. Regionally, it’s a leading satellite broadband provider in Africa.

Those are impressive achievements – but Khan says much work remains to be done. Advancements in satellite technology, he says, now make it easier for stronger, faster and – perhaps most importantly – more reliable connections than were previously available. Advancements, he adds, that have massive implications for improving society.

“We need to feed the engine to power society,” he says, adding connecting the unconnected benefits everyone, from individuals such as small farmers in rural areas to large, multinational businesses.

A key for that, Khan says, is lowering the cost of connectivity – something which he says YahClick has been able to achieve with technological advancements. In fact, he says the costs are now down to a level comparable to fixed or mobile services – a big change from the past, when satellite connectivity was prohibitively expensive for many people, especially those in impoverished or otherwise geographically isolated areas lacking existing connections.

And the future? Khan says it’s unquestionably bright – a bright future that could herald a whole new area of economic prosperity for entire regions.

“For us, it’s surely about growth.”

YahClick CEO Farhad Khan.

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